Jeremy Sands

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The Lost Art of the Friday Work Whistle

Call it the 5 o’clock whistle. The 5 o’clock send off. The weekend blastoff. The weekend work whistle. The Friday work whistle. Whatever. The point is, hardly anybody does this anymore, and it’s a shame. Below are the ONLY specimens I can find that aren’t some lame DJ blowing a referee’s whistle… but REAL Friday work whistles. Enjoy!

[EDIT: Update: ¬†Fixed download link and switched bitlocker so it shouldn’t be deleted again!]

It contains all the following:
1) WMXT 102.1 The Fox — Florence, SC — Better start, more music.

2) WROQ Rock 101.1 — Greenville, SC — Longer, more mixed in clips.

3) WKLS 96Rock — Atlanta, GA — The predecessor to 102.1’s version.

4) WHTZ Z-100 — New York City, NY — The version they did in 1984!

5) NEW!! Adam Curry – The Daily Source Code – Fubar Friday (short)

6) NEW!! WNKS KISS 95.1 — Charlotte, NC – Weekend Blast (short)

7) NEW!! WKLS Project 961 — Atlanta, GA — The ALL NEW version airing currently!

Mega Link — Click Here To Download Them ALL!