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Yearly Archives: 2009

/etc/bash/bashrc or ~/.bashrc

One of the things you’ll notice about Linux distros is that they often have different color schemes for the command line. I always found Gentoo’s default to be head and shoulders above all others. That’s great if you’re using Gentoo, but what if you don’t? Well this post includes the full Gentoo .bashrc file (as […]

Installing Linux on Software RAID in 10 Steps

Installing Linux on Software RAID in 10 Steps. While this guide is primarily targeted at Gentoo, the concepts and core operations apply to any distro. This guide is a hybrid of several sources, including the Gentoo wiki (which seems to come and go and come and go…) as well as my own notes from doing many Gentoo installs on Software RAID over the years.

Welcome to the relaunched site!

I’ll be adding lots and lots of stuff to this over time. In particular: – A truckload of useful Linux tips, tricks, scripts. – Lots of Thomas Jefferson quotes – LOTS of Media (netcasts, books, movies, shows, etc)