Jeremy Sands

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A ham radio operator’s guide to the 2011 SouthEast LinuxFest

Simplex Talk In:  146.520


Major Local Repeaters:

147.315+ (Net every Monday/Friday at 8:30 PM)
Operated by SPARC – Moderate signal, but very close to hotel.

442.075+ (Net every Thursday, 8:30 PM)
Operated by SPARC

147.165+ (Net every Thursday at 9:00 PM)
Operated by GARS – Moderate signal, but far enough away to require an good antenna on HTs

146.610- (Net every night at 9:00 PM)
Operated by BRARS – Superb signal, long distance reach, linked to EchoLink.

Echolink Node 551672 (W4NYK-R)
Operated by BRARS and linked to 146.610- repeater.

145.190- (Net every Saturday at 9 PM)
Operated by WCARS – Superb signal and incredible reach across several states – Located on Mount Mitchell, Highest 2 meter repeater in Eastern America. The net is called the 6600 net, referring to the elevation of Mt. Mitchell.

Club Links, with additional lesser used repeaters: