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More than just Washington needs a good cleaning…

So I attended the Spartanburg Tea Party monthly meeting in October, and it was REALLY good. It featured several candidates for state and local office, and not just from the Republican Party, but from the Libertarian and Constitution Parties too. (Extra super bonus points go to Timothy Moultrie who is running for Superintendent of Education, and delivered a superb speech about shaking things up with education in Columbia, returning power to the people, and letting the free market work. And yes, Virginia, property tax means that philosophically the government owns your house, and you lease it…. but I digress…) Talbert Black, the SC Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty and Ashley Landess of the SC Policy Council spoke as well on the need for real reform in how Columbia operates. That means not just throwing out the power brokers who are getting in the way of true reform, but literally changing the process too so that nobody has a huge concentration of power. (Incidentally, if you have a chance to hear Landess speak … do so. That young lady has a fire burning within, and you just don’t see that very often.) It was a terrific meeting start to finish, and I highly recommend anybody out there who cares about free minds and free markets to get involved in the Campaign for Liberty and/or Spartanburg Tea Party, and to follow the good work the SC Policy Council does. Oh … the Spartanburg Herald Journal did a terrific write up, which featured *gasp* quotes from yours truly:

Spartanburg Herald Journal – Tea party targets SC Republican leaders