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New Windows 7 FUD: Faking User Delight

For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft started a program through House Party to encourage people to throw Windows 7 House Parties … by giving them a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition … and a bunch of surplus stuff from Party City. Being a big Linux and open source advocate, I immediately saw this for what it really was: a great chance to show people Linux!

Here’s a look at what comes in a Windows 7 Party Pack….

Underwhelmed? So was I. But I will press on. I am going to hold my “Linux Party (with Windows 7)” at USC Upstate. Likely in the Hodge building, on 10/15, round about 3:00 PM. Unlike the Microsoft FUD marketing department, I intend to give people who show up a chance to look and choose for themselves. Don’t laugh, people may actually show up. I’m going to get the professors to alert the CS/CIS students, and put up some quick and dirty fliers. I intend to ask a few basic questions to people who show up:

1) Windows 7 or Linux?
2) Windows 7 or Windows XP Pro?
3) Windows XP Pro or Linux?
4) A hot railroad spike up your ass or Windows Vista?
5) A hot railroad spike up your ass or Windows 7?

Finding my Windows 7 party pack ill equipped for the task at hand, I took the opportunity to uh …. beef it up a little ….

That’s what I could immediately scrounge up, but I have sent a message to my local LUG and people in the Southeast Linuxfest IRC channel, and additional Linux swag is already being rounded up.

Here’s to showing the public just how inferior Windows is! Stay tuned for a detailed documentary of how things at the Linuxfest Windows 7 “Party” goes!

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