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Campaign for Liberty at SC GOP Convention

First and foremost … a big thanks for the C4L members who setup and manned our booth at the event. There was a huge (42″?) TV/monitor with a Campaign for Liberty logo loop on it that really grabbed attention. The booth members ended up with a stack of signed HR1207 petitions probably 4″ thick.

We are already making an impact. The new SC GOP Chair, Karen Floyd, specifically mentioned making organizations like the Campaign for Liberty feel welcome in the party in her literature. Several candidates are asking us for our help and support. We even have C4L members running for major office, including Christina Jeffrey who is running against Bob Inglis for US House SC-4, and Mike Vasovski who is running against Gresham Barret for US House SC-3. Inglis and Barret both voted for the bailout. In addition, we had several other organizations represented from within the C4L, including the Patriotic Resistance, ROAR, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party. It was great seeing the LP and CP cooperate with us and not field candidates against strong liberty Republicans like Jim DeMint and Mark Sanford. Thanks to Talbert Black and his band of helpers, we’re also pushing to pass H3047 at the state level, which for force SC House and Senate members to have their vote recorded in nearly all important matters. Currently, they can have a voice vote and we are thus unable to hold them accountable. Talbert has made sure that along every stage of the way, there has been LOTS of people present to watch exactly how everybody votes on H3047, so we can hold them accountable to their constituents. H3047, by the way, was introduced by Nikki Haley, a SC House representative running for governor. Her campaign looks very promising and liberty minded. Her speech at the convention was superb.

Now onto the controversy of the evening: Lindsey Graham. A few months ago, Lindsey Graham shot his mouth off at the Greenville County Convention, saying that Ron Paul was not the leader of the party. Well Lindsey one-upped himself this time, also railing against libertarian principles in general…. you know, because apparently Liberty is a bad thing in his warped world. Here is a YouTube of Lindsey’s speech. Notice that a sizeable amount of the delegates already don’t like Lindsey Graham, either because they’re C4L members, or they think immigration is important, or they hate bailouts, or, or, or ….

The full speech … if you can stand it … is here:

Well, things were far from over after that speech. There were several resolutions to be voted on, including one commending Lindsey Graham. That didn’t go over well. A battle ensued over that resolution. The chairwoman of the rules committee suspended the rules, and convention chair claimed this was not up for debate. Somebody pointed out that you have to have a 2/3 vote to do that, and so begrudgingly they put it to a vote. It was VERY close. I don’t think they had the 2/3. But without a tally, without a count, the chair decided that they had 2/3. So in order to defeat the Graham resolution, we needed to vote down the ENTIRE platform. Then we needed to vote down the ENTIRE resolution set. THEN we would have voted on each resolution one by one. Most people did not understand that. I think unquestionably if they did, we would have had the 1/3+ necessary to prevent rule suspension. But that’s OK, we made the point clear:

And for bonus points, the REAL leader of the South Carolina Republican Party spoke and gave his two cents on Senator Graham putting his foot in his mouth:

Earlier this year the Spartanburg C4L was successful in helping Rick “Ron Paul is not welcome here, the door is closed for him” Beltram get thrown out of the party. One down, Bog Inglis and Lindsey Graham to go.

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