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C4L Helps Clean House of Spartanburg GOP

Remember Rick Beltram? He was the county chairman of the Spartanburg, SC GOP. After the GOP Presidential Debate in Columbia, SC where Ron Paul had a memorable exchange with Rudy Giuliani about blowback, Rick Beltram said this:

“He can stay home… The door’s closed for him.” *

* [Source: ]

Well the Spartanburg County GOP just held its county convention. The result? A rout of Rick Beltram (about 97-283). It gets better. The county treasurer mysteriously got a hold of the county delegate list (*cough* Beltram? *cough*), and sent an email to all delegates espousing his support for Rick. The result? HE lost too! The county secretary, also a staunch Beltram supporter, ALSO lost. The executive committeeman, also a staunch Beltram supporter, ALSO lost. But it gets even better still: The executive committeeman went into a runoff, and C4L members were part of the crucial swing vote that helped defeat the standing executive committeeman.

The entire night had an energy about it, much like a Ron Paul rally. Much of the crowd — even non C4L members — wanted Rick gone and were vocal about it.

A few side notes that help other C4L members:

– I purchased some of the silicon bracelets and gave them out to C4L members in attendance. This seems like an easy, subtle, cheap, and effective way of readily and quickly identifying C4L supporters at any party event. I encourage you to do this in your counties.

– If possible, group together or setup some system of communication, even if it’s flash cards. Often people you may not be familiar with are nominated from the floor, and other C4L members will know more about these candidates and help you make an informed decision. In big conventions where you’re spread out … it’s probably most efficient to use flash cards or walkie talkies. Big conventions like ours try to move quickly … so texting won’t work, and you may be somewhere with no internet like we were.

Thanks to all the C4L members who came out and helped do some much needed house cleaning. Let’s take our cause on to the state convention!

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