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Ramblings on politics from an old school Republican (think Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul).

More than just Washington needs a good cleaning…

So I attended the Spartanburg Tea Party monthly meeting in October, and it was REALLY good. It featured several candidates for state and local office, and not just from the Republican Party, but from the Libertarian and Constitution Parties too. (Extra super bonus points go to Timothy Moultrie who is running for Superintendent of Education, […]


So I finished my QSL cards. This post will serve as a placeholder showing my current QSL card (and any past ones), as well as an explanation of the items on the card. Pics and details after the jump!

The Real US Tax Burden – Revised

The following is a fairly comprehensive paper on the total tax burden to the average US taxpayer. This includes federal, state, local, and excise taxes. This is, in effect, a best case scenario for taxation. Bare that in mind when the numbers and figures start to hit you. Please note this work is licensed under […]

C4L Helps Clean House of Spartanburg GOP

Remember Rick Beltram? He was the county chairman of the Spartanburg, SC GOP. After the GOP Presidential Debate in Columbia, SC where Ron Paul had a memorable exchange with Rudy Giuliani about blowback, Rick Beltram said this: “He can stay home… The door’s closed for him.” * * [Source: ] Well the Spartanburg County […]