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Here you’ll find ramblings on Linux, including some incredibly useful scripts, config files, and links.

A ham radio operator’s guide to the 2011 SouthEast LinuxFest

Simplex Talk In:  146.520   Major Local Repeaters: 147.315+ (Net every Monday/Friday at 8:30 PM) Operated by SPARC – Moderate signal, but very close to hotel. 442.075+ (Net every Thursday, 8:30 PM) Operated by SPARC 147.165+ (Net every Thursday at 9:00 PM) Operated by GARS – Moderate signal, but far enough away to require an […]

Dual booting Windows 7 and Linux

Traditionally, if I have the time, I nuke all those little insignificant partitions that come on a HP/Dell/Acer/etc with Windows pre-installed when I partition up the hard drive for installation. Pro-Tip: Don’t delete the first tiny partition if it’s a Windows 7 machine. It’s important, and stuff. Luckily, I didn’t delete it … but when […]

LIRC ignores delay, repeat, config file

So, LIRC started acting up on you? You have a problem with buttons being hypersensitive and repeating many times? LIRC ignores you telling it to disable repeat? When you run the command “irw” … nothing happens? Well, here’s the bizarre and almost undocumented fix. Apparently the kernel has decided it can handle RC-6 (infrared protocol) […]

A ham radio operator’s guide to the 2010 Ohio Linuxfest

Linux In The Ham Shack – Ohio Linuxfest Booth – Talk-In Simplex: 146.520 MHz Ohio State University Amateur Radio Club Repeater: 442.6 MHz (shift: +5 Mhz, PL/CTCSS: 114.8 Hz) West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association Repeater: 145.110 MHz (Dayton and Columbus), Cross-band link: 224.160 University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club Repeater: 147.060+ MHz – 100Hz […]


So I finished my QSL cards. This post will serve as a placeholder showing my current QSL card (and any past ones), as well as an explanation of the items on the card. Pics and details after the jump!

How to redirect to and from SSL in Apache

So … you have an e-commerce checkout page or a secure login thusly giving you the need to have an SSL page. But you don’t want people then staying in SSL the whole time, and adding an additional burden to your servers, do you? Here’s the simple solution, using mod_rewrite. The following two code snippets […]