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Here you’ll find ramblings on Linux, including some incredibly useful scripts, config files, and links.

How to create your own custom auto-delivered newspaper every day

I had an itch for some time to create a system that would give the area’s daily news at a glance, including comics. I finally scratched that itch. Here is the result, in case anybody else has such a desire. Required software: net-mail/mpack Homepage: Description: Command-line MIME encoding and decoding utilities   app-text/poppler Homepage: […]

The Hotrodder’s Guide to Maximum Performance LAMP

Updated slides from Texas Linuxfest and the much requested IP Block List. BE SURE TO READ THE README FILE INSIDE THE IP BLOCK LIST TAR.GZ BEFORE YOU RUN ANY OF THE SCRIPTS!!! Don’t come crying to me if you brick your server because you blocked your own hosting ranges! Updated Slides: IP Block List: […]

Wireless Bridge Mode on Asus RT-AC66U

So you took the plunge to get a good router instead of a flaky $40 plastic box of crap. Good choice. But if you use a wireless bridge then you probably should be aware of the following problem and fix. There are numerous huge gaping security holes in the older (and possibly, depending on when […]

How to add Folding@Home Screensaver (FAHScreensaver) to XScreenSaver

I found myself wanting to put FAHScreensaver in as a proper screensaver in Linux, partially because it looks nice but mostly because the idle detection in Linux by Folding@Home seems to be broken. So here are some steps to make that happen. These steps assume you have root or otherwise privileged access to the machine […]

How to use WatchESPN / ESPN3 in Linux

So you pay for a cable/dish subscription, and want to be able to use the WatchESPN/ESPN3 website to watch live content. But for some reason it just doesn’t work on Linux. Turns out, the Adobe Flash plugin depends upon the now defunct HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) to assist in mediation of DRM protected content. The […]

A ham radio operator’s guide to the 2014 SouthEast LinuxFest

  Simplex Talk-In Frequency (Simplex): 147.555 Local Repeaters: 145.23- | May require Tone 118.8 MHz – Operated by Mecklenburg ARS Located on Spencer Mountain, its antenna is at 1574 feet above sea level, which is almost 900 feet above average terrain. The Johnson CR1100 puts out about 100 watts ERP into a four bay commercial […]